General Oral & Denture Exam

Before a denturist at ProCare Denture Clinic and Implant Centre in Edmonton can begin denture treatment a General Oral and Denture Exam is required. Without the exam the Edmonton Denturist is making a best guess instead of gathering proper information. In order to increase the potential to successfully treat a denture patient, the denturist needs to have a clear “picture” of what oral conditions need to be considered when crafting the denture. The General Oral and Denture Exam is a comprehensive examination of the mouth, head, neck, and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). It is broken into categories which include: Extraoral Findings, Intraoral Findings, Pathology, Existing Dentures and an Odontogram which records any findings found in the mouth. It will normally take around 15-20 minutes to complete this exam.

Patients who wear dentures can experience rapid and unexpected changes in their mouths. In order to prevent potential problems that can occur in the future a General Oral and Denture Exam should be completed by a denturist on an annual basis. Contact ProCare Denture Clinic and Implant Centre in Edmonton to make an appointment.

A denture exam will cost $124.00.

Limited Exam

A Limited Exam is required only in situations where a patient is experiencing new challenges in a specific area of their mouth that may require further attention and treatment.  In most cases, a specific exam is completed when a denture may require a reline.

A limited exam will cost $74.00.

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