ProCare Denture Clinic provides essential reline treatments for patients throughout the Edmonton area.

Even though your dentures may have a good fit when they are first placed in your mouth by the denturist, they don't always stay that way. This is no one's fault. It is how your mouth changes when you are missing some or all your teeth. It is a process called resorbtion, or the shrinkage of the bone beneath the gums. That, coupled with the pressure of chewing with dentures and normal denture wear and tear, will affect how the denture will fit over time.

As the gums change the denture will start to lose retention, slip when you speak, talk and eat, and move around more freely. Some patients have noticeable soreness and inflammation of the gums under the denture. It is a slow process and many patients don't even notice it - they just adapt to it. When these signs start to occur our Edmonton Denturists should complete an examination to determine if a same day reline is required. Relines are usually required every two years.

So, what happens when a denture is relined? In most cases the patient will schedule a visit to the clinic at the beginning of the day. They will meet with one of our Edmonton Denturists and complete a reline impression inside the existing denture. This reline impression will adapt the fit of the denture to the current shape of the gums. The denturist will take the denture and perform a number of lab procedures to complete the reline in our on site lab. This normally takes about 5 hours. The patient will return later in the afternoon when the denturist will place the denture in the mouth and check the fit and function. It is as simple as that.

There are two main types of same day relines that our denturist perform at ProCare Denture Clinic in Edmonton. The first type is called a heat cured permanent hard reline. This is the type of reline that most patients will require. This type of reline is a premium reline that will last longer and provide a hygienic surface for the longest period of time. The cost of a heat cured reline will range from $450 to $600.

The second type of same day reline is a permanent soft reline. This type of reline is limited to only a few denture patients and will only be provided after our Edmonton Denturists have assessed that the patient will require the permanent soft reline treatment. Patients who will need this reline treatment are unable to wear dentures with a hard fitting surface because of tender gums or sore spots. Their gums have shrunk, flattened or receded and don't respond well to the stress of dentures. They may also be a suitable solution for patients with chronically sore gum tissues or gums with sharp bony areas. The soft reline material is less likely to give the patient sore spots because it absorbs some of the pressure between the hard base of the denture and the denture patients gums. The downside to a permanent soft reline is the soft material is porous and degrades and may require replacement sooner than the two year period. The process is slightly quicker than a permanent hard reline, but the procedures are similar.

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What is the Cost of a Denture Reline?

At ProCare Denture Clinic and Implant Centre in Edmonton we follow the fee guide recommended by the College of Alberta Denturists.

For the cost of a denture reline, Please visit our Fee Guide Page at this link for pricing. FEE GUIDE PAGE.

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