At ProCare Denture Clinic in Edmonton we offer 3 Complete Denture Options: Standard, Premium, and Complex. The only difference is the quality of denture materials, teeth used and the processes used to fabricate the dentures. Some are good, some are better and others are best. Although there may only be minor differences in how your dentures will look, the real difference is how they will fit, feel, function and wear over the lifespan of the denture.

Standard Complete Dentures (Good)

Standard Complete Dentures are a good, entry-level denture. In most clinics, the quality of materials and processes used to fabricate the dentures are inferior to Premium or Complex Dentures. However, at ProCare Denture Clinic the only difference (except when related to the Complex Denture) is the type of teeth used, all other materials are equal in quality.

As stated in the name, a Standard Complete Denture uses standard teeth. Standard Denture teeth have limited mould and shade selection and are made of a softer material. This means that Standard Denture Teeth will tend to wear down at a faster rate which means they will need to be replaced sooner. It also means that the teeth don’t look as natural and don’t “chew” as well. The dentures should still fit comfortably and function acceptably well. In general, Standard Complete Dentures should be relined every 2-3 years and replaced about every 3-5 years. We rarely recommend Standard Denture treatment to our patients.

Premium Complete Dentures

Premium Complete Dentures are a better, entry-level denture. All of the materials and procedures used to make a Premium Denture are the same as a Standard Denture, except for the teeth that are used. Premium Dentures use premium teeth, which have more moulds and shades to select from which means they provide a more natural look to your smile. They are also made from harder materials, so they will last longer and “chew” better. Premium Complete Dentures should be relined every 2-3 years and replaced about every 5-7 years.

Complex Dentures (Best)

Complex Complete Dentures are the best, superior level denture available. They include the superior materials and teeth used in Premium Complete Dentures but include some important differences in procedures and equipment used to make your denture. While Standard and Premium Complete Dentures are made using physiological averages, different processes are used for Complex Complete Dentures which allow for the fabrication of dentures that have a customized fit and function specific to the patient. The highlight of a Complex Complete Denture is that the Denturist is able to simulate a patient's jaw movement.

With Complex Complete Dentures, more appointments are involved to get precise measurements. Preliminary impressions are taken and instead of using them to make the denture itself (as with Standard or Premium Dentures), they are used to fabricate custom impression trays that precisely fit your mouth. A second, more accurate impression is then taken using these trays which details the gums, as well as the surrounding muscles and tissues.

Patients who have unusual conditions in their Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) or oral cavities may require additional extensive measurements to accommodate their needs. Complex Dentures incorporate extensive measurements of your TMJ as well as your oral cavity. These measurements are transferred to a precise semi-adjustable instrument that closely duplicates the natural movement of your jaw. The measurements allow the Denturist to recreate the intricate movements associated with how you eat. Additional measurements guide the placement of your teeth for maximum esthetics and speech with your Complex Denture.

What is the Cost of Complete Dentures?

At ProCare Denture Clinic and Implant Centre in Edmonton we follow the fee guide recommended by the College of Alberta Denturists.

To view the cost of Standard, Premium and Complex Dentures, Please visit our Fee Guide Page at this link for pricing. FEE GUIDE PAGE.

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