Denture Relines

When a patient experiences tooth loss the bone beneath the gums will begin the process of resorption (shrinking) throughout the rest of their life. Unfortunately, dentures do not adapt to the gums as they shrink, which can lead to loose, unstable and sore dentures. This can make it difficult to eat, speak and function in general. For most patients, this will start to happen about 2-3 years after the dentures were first made. When this happens the patient should see a Denturist to determine what the best treatment will be. There are basically two options: replace the dentures or reline the dentures. Since the dentures should have a life of about 5 years, it is more economical and prudent to consider getting the dentures relined at the 2-3 year period instead. After the denture has been relined the patient should be able to function again.

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Denture Repairs

Since we have a full service clinic and lab on site, we are able to provide a variety of repairs to dentures, whether it be a broken tooth or a cracked dentures, we can help you.

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